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The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery service for products and packages may require more time due to limited transportation availability because of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts.  This impacts the freshness of Nonna’s product upon delivery and therefore our delivery shipping option is suspended.   

Nonnas Bakery
Nonnas Bakery

Desserts That Bring A Special Joy To Life.

Nonna’s Bakery serves our families, community, and God by preparing superior homemade cobblers, pies, and Bundt cakes.  We aim to provide all our customers with an outstanding product and customer service. We are passionate that our deserts taste great and make every eating experience more satisfying.

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Special Desserts 

Nonna’s Bakery is based on family values that provide a common base of beliefs and expectations, which, when shared with the company, adds depth and strength to the business. Nonna’s roots are from the beautiful state of West Virginia.  Cooking with the family was and still is some of her healthiest and happiest moments.  Many memories stemmed from experiences she had in the kitchen with mom and other family members.  Those memories are priceless and never to be forgotten.  They created bonding experiences, traditions, and wonderful celebrations. Nonna shares all these good experiences and love with you through her baking. 

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